We are Drew and Megan Anderson, two married people in Arizona (and beyond!) with a passion for art, creativity and photography. Although we love several types of photography, weddings are our favorite. It’s an incredible honor to capture photos from one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives together. Long after the wedding has ended, our photos will bring them joy during the best of times, and comfort through the hardships. Photos allow the day to live on forever. It is a powerful and humbling feeling!

As a married couple ourselves, we each have our own unique photographic style and strengths, which harmonize and complete the other. We both have our preferences: one likes intimate closeups, the other prefers dramatic panoramic shots. One tends to shoot horizontally, and the other often shoots vertically.  We see the world through different eyes and find beauty in different ways. Together, we love to create an experience for our couples that feels happy, relaxed and fun. Your sessions with us are a unique adventure for you both as a couple, and we hope to make it unforgettable! We laugh alongside our couples, cry happy tears for them, and help guide them with our professional experience. Many of our past couples remain close friends of ours to this day.

Outside of photography, our lives are centered around our daughters and creating fun adventures with them! We also have a little Chihuahua, a giant Maine Coon cat, and a goldfish that has lived a freakishly long time. We met on a blind-double-date that we didn’t realize was a blind-double-date, at a monster truck show…and neither of us is particularly into monster trucks. We keep a pretty extensive checklist of places we want to travel to, have a mild obsession with Disneyland, usually have some big project we are working on, and love hiking when the weather is nice! Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, neither of us really likes having our photo taken!

Grab this photographer now before they realize that they can charge double what they’re charging – they are amazing!! We were looking for a photographer with an artsy, candid and impromptu style and we found it! Drew and his wife Megan are the best. They made us feel so comfortable and even let us bring our dog to the engagement session. 🙂 Alison

We are 100% satisfied with Drew Anderson Photography! They are super talented and have such a great photography vision. Their style was exactly what we were looking for and they went above and beyond our expectations! We absolutely love all of our photos that they took and they were extremely fun! They’re such a cute couple and they work together perfectly. Danielle

The ABSOLUTE, without a doubt, BEST vendors we had…they were SO tremendous…there are no words that can come close to how happy we were with them and in awe with our photos!! We will be using them for all of our professional photos for any future events. They are an amazing husband and wife team!! Kelly

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